Good design is good business-Start-up working spaces

Good design is good business-Start-up working spaces

Coworking spaces in Karachi are now preferred by freelancers, new start-ups and young employees. It is an affordable alternative to expensive individual offices.

A good designed coworking space plays a vital role in improving productivity. If it proves to be a home away from home, as at the techenix 1.0 and techenix 2.0, the entrepreneur and workers enjoy working equally.

Here is why a good design means good business in start up working spaces.

  1. Modern appeal

One of the most approved designs is going sleek. Incorporating modern design furniture with colours that give elegant and professional look will create an alluring environment for the tenants to work in. At techenix 1.0 and techenix 2.0, we have used light colours that give the space a calm vibe that encourages efficiency.

  • Fun and flexibility

Moving ahead, it’s no more an era of just cubicle isolated offices. Coworking spaces in Karachi now encourage networking and indoor games along with work. At techenix 1.0 and techenix 2.0 we have table tennis for this purpose. A phone booth is installed for making/receiving calls without disturbing fellow members. None of the employees are confined to the desk but the feel is more like a coffee shop with a relieved environment. This increases creativity and productivity.

  • Environment Friendly

It attracts more customers when the office environment seems eco-friendly. We at techenix 1.0 and techenix 2.0 have placed plants around at the location that will be providing more oxygen hence boosting brain development. More use of recyclable materials/furniture and solar energy would create a lively aura at the workplace, encouraging more productivity.

  • Tech-Friendly

It is advisable to design a coworking space such that it integrates technology and advancements in it over a period of time. With the pace of work in this era, it is no more a luxury but a need. The employees in the offices need to stay connected to the outer world, providing more exposure, experience and hence business. Steady and fast Wi-Fi services, numerous sockets and USB chargers fulfil this need at our techenix offices. Ergonomic seating furniture is also a feature at techenix 1.0 and techenix2.0 along with spacious working desks to accommodate all required tech devices.

  • Natural light

Many businesses prefer and look for coworking spaces that provide natural light. It is of course better than artificial light that strains eyes. When selecting design for the coworking spaces in Karachi, try to consider the one with large windows. Specially if there is one main hall, let the sunlight fall abundantly there. At techenix 1.0 and techenix 2.0, natural lights in the main hall not only enhances the aesthetics of the space but also affects the members’ mood and productivity.

Let the artificial lighting to their job in the conference rooms and meeting areas.

A well designed co working space invites its clients through its ambience and features. Colours used add a positive feel to the environment and affects working moods. So choose your interiors wisely.

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